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Our Services

  • Framing Services

    At Foxsteel Vessel, we believe that the artwork dominates the frame choice. Whether the artworks are from our collections or your own pieces, we will consider how the artworks will commend the style of your home or office and you can rely on our expertise in making your selection.

  • Project

    Whether you are refreshing a hotel, restaurant, your home or an office, we offer a comprehensive service that can assist you in any project. With years of experience working with local designers and contractors, we can assist you in searching for specific scale of artworks and different print options like canvas and wallpapers.

  • Image Licensing

    We have built up a large collection of unique photographs over the years. They are especially collected for use in our own collections. Nevertheless, we are pleased to offer reproduction rights to other publishers, media, websites or companies. If you are looking for photography to illustrate a specific topic, please don"t hesitate to contact us.


Our Prices

  • Prices

    We have strong relationship with the local labs and printing houses. We sincerely provide the best product that the market can offer.

    SizeMeasurementPrice per piece
    5R 7.5" x 9.5" (with cardboard) HKD 160.00 
    4" x 6" aluminium panel 4" x 6" aluminium panel HKD 220.00 
    12R 11" x 15" (with cardboard) HKD 380.00 
    14 x 14 16" x 16" (with cardboard) HKD 380.00 
    6" x 8" aluminium panel 6" x 8" aluminium panel HKD 450.00 
    8" x 12" aluminium panel 8" x 12" aluminium panel HKD 680.00 
    18R 16" x 22" (with cardboard) HKD 840.00 
    12" x 18" aluminium panel 12" x 18" aluminium panel HKD 1400.00 
    8 x 24 Photo only (packed in tube) HKD 1800.00 
    16 x 24 Photo only (packed in tube) HKD 2800.00 
    16" x 24" aluminium panel 16" x 24" aluminium panel HKD 3200.00 
    12 x 36 Photo only (Packed in tube) HKD 3800.00 
    20 x 30 Photo only (packed in tube) HKD 4200.00 
    20" x 30" aluminium panel 20" x 30" aluminium panel HKD 4500.00 
    24 x 36 Photo only (packed in tube) HKD 5800.00 
    24" x 36" aluminium panel 24" x 36" aluminium panel HKD 5800.00 
    30 x 40 Photo only (packed in tube) HKD 7400.00 

    Please ask for assistance if specific dimensions or bulk orders are required.

  • Postage

    We ship worldwide. Unless otherwise specified, we will deliver your order via local post office by air registered mail. Please refer to the below rates:

    SizePostage to HK onlyPostage to other countries
    5R HKD 100.00 per 5 pieces (with cardboard) HKD 120.00 per 3 pieces (with cardboard) 
    4" x 6" aluminium panel HKD 100.00 per 5 pieces Flat packed HKD 120.00 per 3 pieces Flat packed 
    12R HKD 100.00 per 5 pieces (with cardboard) HKD 160.00 per 3 pieces (with cardboard) 
    14 x 14 HKD 100.00 per 5 pieces (with cardboard) HKD 160.00 per 3 pieces (with cardboard) 
    6" x 8" aluminium panel HKD 100.00 per 5 pieces Flat packed HKD 120.00 per 3 pieces Flat packed 
    8" x 12" aluminium panel HKD 100.00 per 3 pieces Flat packed HKD 160.00 per piece Flat packed 
    18R HKD 100.00 per 5 pieces (with cardboard) HKD 200.00 per piece (with cardboard) 
    12" x 18" aluminium panel HKD 100.00 per 2 pieces Flat packed HKD 200.00 per piece Flat packed 
    8 x 24 Free (Packed in tube) Free (Packed in tube) 
    16 x 24 Free (Packed in tube) Free (Packed in tube) 
    16" x 24" aluminium panel HKD 100.00 per piece Flat packed HKD 300.00 per piece Flat packed 
    12 x 36 Free (Packed in tube) Free (Packed in tube) 
    20 x 30 Free (Packed in tube) Free (Packed in tube) 
    20" x 30" aluminium panel HKD 150.00 per piece Flat packed HKD 500.00 per piece Flat packed 
    24 x 36 Free (Packed in tube) Free (Packed in tube) 
    24" x 36" aluminium panel HKD 200.00 per piece Flat packed HKD 800.00 per piece Flat packed 
    30 x 40 Free (Packed in tube) Free (Packed in tube) 

    For ordering any sizes of photo (without cardboard), print will be packed in tube and free postage will be offered.


Our Specifications

  • Printing

    (On photographic paper)

    Majority of our printing is done by the local printing house. We ensure every print is developed from archive which holds the original negatives and transparencies. Each image will be printed on photographic paper.

    (Lambda Print)

    The quality of a Lambda print will be much better in terms of sharpness and color saturation than other large format processes. For our images starting from the size of 16" (40.6cm), Lambda print will be processed.

  • Cardboard

    In order to protect the image, each of our photos will be mounted onto an acid-free cardboard. Size of the cardboard varies from small to large image. We have come up with the below cardboard sizes " proportionally tailored for various sizes of the image:

    SizeImage SizeCardboard(Width) Total Size(Photo with cardboard)
    5R5" x 7"1.375"7.5" x 9.5"
    12R8" x 12"1.75"11" x 15"
    18R*12" x 18"2.25"16" x 22"

    *18R Cardboard " double layers of cardboard will be mounted. Thus, more protection and a three dimensional effect can be achieved.