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Foxsteel Vessle, is a portal created by Foxsteel Development Limited, a company incorporated in Hong Kong specializing in production of photo images of Hong Kong and China.

Foxsteel Development Limited was established in 1983 with its main business aimed at providing gift and premium items to their clients overseas. In 2006, we began to shift our focus towards developing the photo business when we teamed up with our first partner Daryl Chapman, a local British who had spent years of his time spotting and capturing scenes of Hong Kong's old Kai Tak airport.

Hong Kong is a fast and ever changing place and Foxsteel Development Ltd has put much effort to keep the memories of Hong Kong people and those who love this city.

We are passionate about pictures, especially the old ones. With archives holding numerous negatives and transparencies from the early 19th Century up to present, our aim is to make these special collections accessible to you all.

The Photographers

Daryl Chapman

Well born in Aylesbury in the UK and started plane spotting with my father when I was young, places like Heathrow and Luton. For a few years a stopped plane spotting in favor of trains, but in 1987 we moved to Hong Kong and Hong Kong having no interesting trains it killed off that hobby. In 1992 I found one of my old Plane Spotting books and went off to Kai Tak to give it a try again... as they say the rest was history and I've been spotting since then.


Eric Lau Kung Wing

Graduated at Hong Kong Art School. Studied Fine Arts and obtained distinctions on 2D / photography. As an Artist and a photographer, Eric loves traveling as much as he could to explore the world and keep the moment through the DSLR.


Jeff Kwok

Jeff Kwok is an official Contracted Photographer of Yellow Korner, an elite French photographic gallery with 80+ stores worldwide. Jeff is also a partner and distributor of some other international galleries. The true value of Jeff's photographs is to amaze the audiences by taking objects in the best or different angle and presenting them in a unique aspect. In 2004, Jeff set up the brand Emerald Photographics and has been focusing on landscape, architecture, nature and cultural photography. With intensive traveling, Jeff has accomplished projects across different continents: Europe, China, Japan, South Asia and America. Jeff believes in one rule of life: "Be persistent and dedicated to your belief, and you will succeed".


Lee Fook Chi


Contact Us

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Hong Kong

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